No Stress Mix 250g

No Stress Mix 250g


Mix of Magnesium and L-tryptophan to relax during stressful situations and has a calming effect on the behaviour.
Supplementary feed for dogs and cats.

No Stress Mix is 100% natural and contains L-tryptophan and high proportion of magnesium, added with vitamins and minerals. L-tryptophan and magnesium are important for the function of the nervous system and muscles. 
No Stress Mix has a relaxing effect on the behaviour. Reduces nervousness in stressful situations.


Reduces tension in stressful situations such as 
• Fireworks
• Travel
• Visit to vet or groomer
• Insomnia
• Storm and thunder


Feed instructions 
Use at least 14 days to see the results.
The first 7 day:      
< 10 kg           2 g
10-25 kg         4 g
> 25 kg           6 g
< 10 kg           1 g
10-25 kg         2 g
> 25 kg           3 g

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