Wonder Snaxx Twists sweet potato and turkey- SAFE Rawhide

Wonder Snaxx Twists sweet potato and turkey- SAFE Rawhide


Give your dog Safe-hide, the only really safe rawhide! 
Rawhide, snacks made from dried animal skin, are irresistible to dogs. With rawhide, however, there is a risk of blockages, diarrhoea or even suffocation. Therefore choose the only safe and patented Safe-hide snacks from Healthy Chews. 

What is safe-hide:
So-called Rawhide (cowhide) is very stiff and often the last part of it is swallowed by a dog in one go, with all its consequences (constipation or suffocation). With the safe-hide technology this is no longer possible because the skin first went through the following process: First it is CLEANED, then COOKED, then MINCED, then WHIPPED, then BAKED.
Through this process the Wonder Snack becomes irresistibly tasty, flexible and also safe for dogs to chew on.

Complementary pet food for dogs.

  • 4x more digestible than regular rawhide snacks
  • No longer the risk of choking and constipation, which is the case with other rawhide products
  • Chew up to 5 x longer compared to regular treats
  • Very tasty, actually irresistible
  • Easy to cut into pieces for even more treats per day
  • Ensures healthy breathing
  • Ensures healthy teeth
  • High Protein content
  • Grain free
  • Gluten free

The Wonder Snacks have recently become the most sold snack in America and are now also available in Europe!

Flavour Sweet potato and turkey

Content 6 twists

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